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・ JR Musashi Mizonokuchi 
・ Tokyu Denentoshi Line ・ Oimachi Line
    Mizonokuchi Station  _cc781 -136bad5cf58d_  4 minutes walk
Address 1-19-11 Mizonokuchi, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki
Grandale Mizonokuchi 607
Reservation     _cc781905-5cde-3194 -136bad5cf58d_ 044-829-2300


☆ You may not be able to answer the phone during the procedure or while you are on the move. If you leave your name, phone number and reservation request on the answering machine, we will contact you later.


Exit JR Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station or Tokyu Mizonokuchi Station (front exit) and go down the stairs to the bus stop next to the Tokyu Store.






Cross the intersection with KFC and go straight on Pole Pole Street.




After passing in front of the Bank of Yokohama and Mizuho Bank, you will see the Musashi Bowl and Maruetsu. Turn left at that corner.

Continue straight ahead, pass in front of Don Quijote and Karayama (fried chicken shop), and you will see Matsuya on your left.





If you go straight ahead, you will find the Japanese sweets shop Miyoshino on your left. Opposite it is Grandale Mizonokuchi. (A building with a fitness gym on the 2/3 floor)

When you enter the approach road, it is the entrance. The entrance is auto-locked, so press room number 607.

There is a sign on the approach road on the day of medical examination.

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