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Pediatric acupuncture

It is a treatment method that strokes or rubs the skin with non-stinging acupuncture needles (roller acupuncture needles, acupuncture needles, etc.).
Some children fall asleep because they are completely painless and recommend treatment in a comfortable way.
  We also provide guidance on care that can be done at home for daily health management.

(Target age; under junior high school students)

Treatment flow


Medical record entry / interview

For children, please fill in the physical constitution, daily life, physical condition, and medical history in addition to the symptoms you are having trouble with.

If you have any medicines you are currently taking, we will ask you for their name.



Based on the medical record, we will investigate the cause of the troubled symptoms by touching the body such as complexion, traditional Chinese medicine physical observation (pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, abdominal diagnosis), calf and neck stiffness. We also observe the posture as needed.


Treatment on the back

We will adjust the overall balance for the fundamental improvement of the body. Have them lie on their backs and stimulate the acupuncture points and tummy from the elbows and knees with acupuncture and roller acupuncture.

Moxibustion is also performed according to the symptoms.



Prone treatment

There are many important acupoints on the back that show the condition of the body. While diagnosing the reaction, the necessary treatment is performed to prepare the whole body and improve the symptoms.


End of treatment

Changes in pulse and tongue Check again to see if your symptoms have improved. We will provide supplementary treatment as needed and talk about self-care that can be easily performed on a daily basis.


If you have symptoms or are physically tense, you may feel tired or drowsy after treatment. Please spend as slowly as possible after treatment.

Also, avoid eating or bathing immediately after treatment.

Treatment time / charge

Treatment time: 20-30 minutes


Price: ¥ 4 000

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