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Medical lymph drainage

☆ "Medical information provision form (patient introduction letter)" to start treatment

Is required.

Medical lymph drainage is a treatment for lymphedema that develops after surgery for congenital or cancer or due to venous disease. Lymphedema is not a life-threatening illness, but if left untreated, it can cause serious conditions such as poor quality of life (QOL) and dermatosis. We will combine basic treatment methods according to each symptom and living situation, and finally proceed with treatment with the goal of being able to self-care by yourself.


About medical lymph drainage ​​


Unlike lymph drainage and lymphatic massage, which are generally performed for relaxation purposes in beauty treatment salons, a professional therapist who has obtained a license through a specialized training course for masseuse shiatsushi national qualification holders and medical professionals. It is a treatment.

川崎市 溝口 鍼灸 美容鍼灸 小児鍼 はりきゅう
About combined treatment


Combined treatment consists of skin care, medical manual lymph drainage, compression therapy, and exercise therapy under compression. By appropriately applying these treatments according to the symptoms and living conditions, the symptoms will be improved and the quality of life (QOL) will be improved.

At our hospital, we will intensively improve edema at the beginning of treatment, and after that, we will treat with the goal of maintaining a better condition by self-care by yourself.

For treatment ​​


Cooperation with medical institutions is required to safely treat lymphedema.

When starting treatment, it is important to know the medical information in order to understand the patient's condition. Please bring the "Medical Information Provision Form (Patient Referral Letter)" issued by the medical institution you are currently attending.


​ What is the lymphatic system?


The circulatory system of the body is divided into the vascular system and the lymphatic system.

Vascular system; heart, blood vessels (arteries, veins, capillaries)

Lymphatic system; lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes


Blood pumped from the heart flows from the arteries to the capillaries, where some water seeps out and circulates in the tissue, back into the capillaries, some into the lymph vessels, and finally back into the veins. The body fluid components that pass through these lymph vessels are called "lymph".

川崎市 溝口 鍼灸 美容鍼灸 小児鍼 はりきゅう
What is lymphedema?


Lymphedema is a disease in which the lymphatic system does not work well for some reason and lymph accumulates between tissues.

The causes are "primary lymphedema" that occurs when the lymphatic system is not formed normally, and "secondary lymphedema" that obstructs the flow of lymph due to removal of lymph nodes due to venous disease or surgery for cancer. It is classified. Although it is not a life-threatening condition, if left untreated, it may cause a decrease in QOL due to edema, cellulitis, complications, and serious conditions such as dermatosis.

Treatment time / charge


Treatment time: 120 minutes for the first visit

    From the second time onwards   Upper limbs about 50 minutes

Lower limbs about 70 minutes

Price: First visit ¥ 20,000

  Second and subsequent times    Upper limbs ¥ 9,000

Lower limbs ¥ 12,000

* If elastic bandages are required, an additional fee will be charged.

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